RealSoccerrogi joins us this week to discuss the state of the crucible in Destiny since Shadowkeep has dropped.  
We start with his history in gaming and his connection, and ours, that we have with the Destiny Reset Podcast and discord.  We talk a little about what we are working on the game.  We then go into our discussion about the new stuff in crucible.  Starting with tips on the different selections on the director, to working on the new ritual weapons, and what the current meta seems to be.  We then talk about the new heavy ammo changes and conclude with info on the new maps.  


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We have a short episode this week with just Cyn and KingsleyMac to talk about our thoughts with Shadowkeep. The campaign, the side quests, and everything we have been working on so far.  Thanks as always for listening!  


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jcjesse from the infamous dad tales/distinguished gentlemen podcast joins us this week to talk about life in general and Destiny.  We talk a little bit about what he has been working on in the game.  We talk about reddit and the crazy community around it.  Then reminisce a little about Destiny 1.  We also go into his history of gaming and then talk about his podcast.  We have a really interesting conversation about playing with different people and how to stick up for what's right.  


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This week, our guest, Axonis89 joins us to talk some Destiny.  He streams on twitch Destiny and other games.  We learn his history in gaming and Destiny.  We talk about what he likes to do in the game, and have a frank discussion about Gambit.  We then talk a little crucible and what we need to work on.  We talk briefly about some news about the new Raid and power levels.  Be sure to hear our other special guest at the end!


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We welcome to the show Danfinity, extraordinaire streamer and Destiny podcaster.  We talk about his two podcasts, Sidequest Sunday and Destiny Digest.  We learn about what goes into producing a daily podcast and how it has hit a niche area in the Destiny community.  We talk about staying positive in the community, and with his tips and great attitude it's easy to do.  We talk about Raids, being a sherpa, and our list of favorites.  We talk a little about the upcoming seasons for Destiny and our opinions on it.

Go pineapple pizza!


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We welcome the smooth tones of PoopShizzle this week to the show.  He is a twitch streamer and podcaster and in the Destiny community.  We talk about how he got started streaming and his history in the game.  We talk about his experience with Music and it's importance in the game of Destiny and in life in general.  Then some discussion about PC gaming and the Destiny experience.  We finish with talk about our week in Destiny and the new way Seasons are playing out in year 3 of Destiny.  

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His podcast:

The spawn camp council podcast

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starrtien (Staci) - who is the beautiful wife to kingsleymac joins us in this episode to talk general gaming with a little bit of Destiny mixed in also.  We start off hearing about the history of her gaming and some marathon gaming sessions.  We talk about the best Mario games, all the way up to the current ones on the switch.  We then discuss her first experiences in the game of Destiny and Raiding in Destiny 1.  We discuss a little about Destiny 2 and what she loves about it and some minor frustrations with it.  We discuss a little bit about our current experiences in the game and then move on to our bonus celebrity discussion!

Thanks for coming on Staci!



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In episode 23 guest Kyt_Kutcha from the Destiny Massive Breakdowns podcast joins up to have a lovely discussion with us on the finer points of armor in Destiny.  We start off talking about current armor capabilities and then move on to some of the new changes with armor 2.0. We discuss a little about Raiding and if matchmaking could ever be a possibility.  We make sure to talk a little about Sci Fi, super hero shows, and desserts at the end.

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Man at Arms - from the Destiny Unfiltered podcast joins us to talk miscellaneous talk such as moonshine and kittens in cars. We also talk about the game a little bit in the aspect of having no time to do everything.  Do we loose sleep, or try and life hack the game?  Man at Arms gives us all the good tips to be chill in the game.  We talk if certain weapons should be nerfed, or ignored because they are popular.  We then talk some more about how much time can be spent in the game vs creating content.  He details how he makes videos and a little about his podcast.  We finish with some more miscellaneous talk of funny requests from famous people and ASMR.

Man at Arms can be found at:

twitter: @man_at_arms2112


and the Destiny Unfiltered podcast!



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MoHafo gladly joins us this week to talk about finding groups to play with in the game.  We first talk about Raiding groups and how this community has been great in finding new people to play with.  We discuss the Crown of Sorrows raid and getting some more experience with that and how to work together well to complete it.  We then discuss our current progression with the summer solstice grind.  We finish with some great DeeJ comments that he gave on twitter.


MoHafo can be found at:

PSN, twitch: MoHafo

Twitter: @MoeHafo


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