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...Aw Hell? Is this thing recording?

Guardian? Hello? Oh there you are. Funny story... I lost a bet and got roped into recording this cache for the guys over at Guardian Hub. They wanted me to give a, a pep talk or something, to you hunters. So here goes.

Guardian Hub is cool. They don't steal their fireteams' sparrows or bore you with stupid stories. I mean, they're not as cool as me, but they're not bad.  
As far as Destiny podcasts go, Kingsley, Cyn and DeSRaven are actually surprisingly good, and not just in the "Let's reread the TWAB" good, but good like "Let's reread the TWAB and then discuss" good. So I guess if I were to play favorites, I'd pick the Guardian Hub. (Don't tell the others.)
So subscribe, give 'em money, join their clan, whatever they say. They'll take good care of you. I promise. Cayde-6 out. 

*recorded transmission dated January 28, 2018*

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