starrtien (Staci) - who is the beautiful wife to kingsleymac joins us in this episode to talk general gaming with a little bit of Destiny mixed in also.  We start off hearing about the history of her gaming and some marathon gaming sessions.  We talk about the best Mario games, all the way up to the current ones on the switch.  We then discuss her first experiences in the game of Destiny and Raiding in Destiny 1.  We discuss a little about Destiny 2 and what she loves about it and some minor frustrations with it.  We discuss a little bit about our current experiences in the game and then move on to our bonus celebrity discussion!

Thanks for coming on Staci!



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In episode 23 guest Kyt_Kutcha from the Destiny Massive Breakdowns podcast joins up to have a lovely discussion with us on the finer points of armor in Destiny.  We start off talking about current armor capabilities and then move on to some of the new changes with armor 2.0. We discuss a little about Raiding and if matchmaking could ever be a possibility.  We make sure to talk a little about Sci Fi, super hero shows, and desserts at the end.

You can find Kyt_Kutcha at:


You can find the Destiny Massive Breakdowns Podcast at:



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Man at Arms - from the Destiny Unfiltered podcast joins us to talk miscellaneous talk such as moonshine and kittens in cars. We also talk about the game a little bit in the aspect of having no time to do everything.  Do we loose sleep, or try and life hack the game?  Man at Arms gives us all the good tips to be chill in the game.  We talk if certain weapons should be nerfed, or ignored because they are popular.  We then talk some more about how much time can be spent in the game vs creating content.  He details how he makes videos and a little about his podcast.  We finish with some more miscellaneous talk of funny requests from famous people and ASMR.

Man at Arms can be found at:

twitter: @man_at_arms2112


and the Destiny Unfiltered podcast!



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MoHafo gladly joins us this week to talk about finding groups to play with in the game.  We first talk about Raiding groups and how this community has been great in finding new people to play with.  We discuss the Crown of Sorrows raid and getting some more experience with that and how to work together well to complete it.  We then discuss our current progression with the summer solstice grind.  We finish with some great DeeJ comments that he gave on twitter.


MoHafo can be found at:

PSN, twitch: MoHafo

Twitter: @MoeHafo


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This week we discuss what it's like with our initial experiences with the Summer Solstice event.  The EAZ is "weird" but fun.  Grinding for the armor is definitely going to be long going again this year and we discuss out thoughts on how worth it it might be.  We then discuss the details of the 2 week pushback of Shadowkeep and all the other quality of life changes being added at the beginning of September.


Thanks always as listening! 


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This week we are extremely pleased to welcome on 'chris3711' The Ambassador and Community Lead of the Project Guardians.  Project Guardians is a website, discord group, podcast and more to help present mental help resources.  They have roots in the Destiny community and their podcast 'Saint 14 Project' will sometimes talk Destiny, but have grown to work with all gamers and game talk fused with character analysis.  We finish with some basic Destiny talk and our experiences with the game.

In our outro we talk about a great Destiny podcast in our community that has unfortunately ended, and two new podcasts that we have found.   


We highly recommend everyone join the project guardians discord as a resource whether if you want more info and help or you are curious on how you can help others.


Chris can be found at:

twitter, twitter: @chris3711_

We welcome this week twitch and mixer streamer RocCityRoller. He has a podcast called 'One of Us' that is a gamer and streamer community spotlight. He plays on PC exclusively and we start our discussion out with some tips on Mouse and Keyboard layout for playing Destiny, along with some of the differences the PC version brings.  He then talks about his current streaming on twitch and how Destiny is his passion and main game in making content.  We talk about playing the game with acquiring titles, the RNG of weapons in the game, and Raiding.  We discuss the Menagerie again, and how bungie should have left it how it was.  We then talk the Crown of Sorrow Raid and how it's team up system gets you to play lock in step with a "buddy" more so that any other one.  We finish off with discussing PC parts and specs.  


You can find all of RocCityRoller's links here along with his podcast 'One of Us':



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This week we welcome to the show Gunbait101 from the Hoot Dawg Clan.  He recently visited GuardianCon 2019 and tells us about his amazing experience there.  From his side adventures outside of the expo to his run ins with line issues inside the expo.  We talk about the layout of the venue, the presenters, and the exhibitors.   Many community members that we know were there and had meetups and gatherings.  We then discuss a little bit about the latest exotic quests, Lumina and Bad Juju.  Then we finish about the latest state of the game and how drops seem to be more plenty as of late.


Find gunbait at:

twitter, pc, ps4: gunbait101


- GuardianCon will be changing it's name to 'Gaming Community Expo' next year and the dates are June 27-28, 2020.

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This week we recap our thoughts on the Lord of Wolfs craziness.  It didn't really affect us.  Did it affect you?  We then move on to talk iron banner, swarm of the raven and other grenade launchers.  Next we talk about the Lumina.  It looks like a cool weapon, will we like it still by the time you hear this?  Time will tell, but it looks like a fun weapon.  We finish off our thoughts on how to keep the menagerie interesting.  


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This is a crazy podmash where we welcome "Two Titans and a  Hunter" destiny podcast to the show!  Who is the guest us or them?  At times it may be hard to tell but it does not matter when you are having fun talking about Destiny.  We welcome Nitedemon, Peroty, and No1RespawnsInRL to the show.

We cover the important items you need to know from the This Week at Bungie for the 20th June 2019. The Eververse changes coming on September 17th 2019 and the Lord of Wolves Iron Banner. We also talk heroic mode menagerie and tips and tricks for the game.

We also have a few god roll guide videos talked about with some weapons that have arrived with Season of Opulence.

Cyn plays Iron Banner while we wonder if he is asleep and we end the show with an exchange of if Titans are really too OP in the crucible.  

We had a blast being Three Titans, a Hunter, and a Warlock for the week.






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