Well it's one year in books for The Guardian Hub podcast.  We look back at our year before our normal discussion about Destiny and what we are doing in the game.  This week we talk some more about the first couple weeks of Season of the Worthy, Trials, and more.  Thanks guardians for being there and listening to the show!


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This week we have a great guest back, RealSoccerrogi to talk about the Season of Worthy and Trials of course.  We start off on our initial thoughts on the new PvE content of the season.  Reactions are mixed so far and all in all there seems to be enough to grind but we aren't sure if what we currently see will be most of what we are getting.

As our main discussion though we wanted to focus again on some great PvP talk and the return of Trials of Osiris.  Soccer is an excellent guest to give us his impressions and experiences with it.  We talk about the gameplay, how to deal with the passages, and tokens.  We talk about the meta and how to have fun and do well in it. We suggest everyone hop in trials and not worry about how good you are.  Practice away guardians!


RealSoccerrogi can be found in our Discord and online at:

twitter: @soccerrogi

twitch: realsoccerrogi

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoeJBOxurtjf3ysLW80exMw

psn: RealSoccerrogi 

We welcome to the podcast this week - Ebontis!  He is a co-host of 'The Last Word' podcast along with Lord Cognito.  He also makes Destiny instructional and informational videos on his YouTube channel.  We start by discussing his craft and get to know more about his podcast and channel.  We discuss how he started in Destiny and what he likes to work on in the game.  We then give a score of how we have felt about the 'Season of Dawn'

We then settle down and have a substantial discussion about Luke Smith's vision of sunsetting legendary weapons.  We all feel similar but bring up various points of how others feel, and how it might all play out.  Then season of the Worthy discussion starts with speculation about what the different activities might be.  We know power level is raising and we try and wrap our heads around how it all plays into the season, but all in all we are very excited about what is coming up!

Have fun guardians, see you in season of the worthy!


We thank him for coming on and you can find 'Ebontis' on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube by that name.




Helios is our guest this week and we have a really fun and substantial discussion about upcoming changes in Destiny.  After we hear about how Helios got started in Destiny and in gaming in general we then talk about what we have been working on. Next the Luke Smith 2020 Directors Cut discussion comes into play as we take a dive into the various points.  Some topics include what year 4 of Destiny 2 should look like with evolving public spaces and core activities.  We of course discuss the proposed weapons changes with phasing out legendaries over time.  We don't know everything that will happen but have a fun time speculating!  We are excited for the upcoming season and also discuss what we think will come.  

You can find Helios in The Guardian Hub discord and:

PC, PS4, Twitter, Mixer: Helios77G

In this weeks episode we go over some fun experiences we have had lately working on Raids, and finishing seasonal content.  Then we discuss some good builds of various sundial weapons that should hopefully be great next season also after the changes.  Predictions about the empyrean foundation also come up as we come to a close of that activity and the season.

starrtien aka Kingsleymac's_hotwife (in the discord)  joins us again to talk about what we have been doing in Destiny lately.  A little Raiding, some seasonal activity grind, and jokes all around.  We ask about her opinion on the season pass and content that is going away after each season and get a unique perspective that helps us understand all walks of players.

Thanks for coming on the show again starrtien!


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Ever wanted to use an LFG (Looking For Group) to do an activity in the game?  Learn the ins and outs and get the courage to try it with our guest this week GoHawks.  We go through examples of funny LFG's, horrible ones, and good experiences.  Learn what to look for and how to post your own LFG if you need.  Of course we also talk about what we have been doing in the game.

LFG responsibly guardians!  Or just join our Discord ;) 


You can reach GoHawks at:

PSN: gohawks4

Twitter: destinydad2 

Cyn and Kingsley bring the show this week to talk the state of Strikes in Destiny 2.  We also bring some Super Bowl talk to start off.  Then we discuss what we have been doing in the game and news of the upcoming Empyrean Foundation and what we guess might happen.  We then talk about strikes in Destiny 2, listing our favorites, how strikes can get better, and discuss some feedback from others in our community.  

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We are really happy to feature this week several artists that put together the "Geomantic" compilation.  A multi-genre cover album of the original D1 music that is freely available for your listening pleasure.  We interview Atlyx (Owen Spence), Paulo Clayton, and Emblyne (Landon)

We start off with a brief history of how they started in music and in the game of destiny.  We discuss what brought them together to start the amazing Geomantic compilation.  

We then discuss why Geomantic was created and what it is.  We get an awesome insider view of the details of each track as we go into the details of each one on how it was cerated, who worked on it, and what it is supposed to represent.  

We hope you all listen to Geomantic and share it with others!

Geomantic can be found multiple places such as:

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5AEO04MqT1OOt_vjOB2XWBGSaCGm7aoK

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/5q7BkrhX5IgCZobjwMRmw7?si=ziJ0ALXdQz6I09vOpyf_KA

Megadownload - https://bit.ly/geo-mega



twitter, reddit: AtlyxMusic


Paulo Clayton:

twitter: pauloclayton

instagram: pauloguitarist



twitter: emblyne 


Other artists that contributed to the album that we want to shout out to are:

Ryan Abundo, Aaron T Phillips, Chris Norton, Ryan Colflesh

We bring back to the podcast, DeSRaven, a welcome addition to chat this week about Destiny.  We start off with some dessert talk and and Destiny talk that we have been working on.  We discuss a little about the new Corridors of Time puzzle that we have no idea what it is leading to yet.

Then for our main topic we interview DeSRaven and discuss what it is like taking a longer break from the game of Destiny and then opinions of coming back to it.  With almost a year long break he talks about what he is enjoying working on, impressions of some of the events we have worked on in the past, and what he is looking forward to.


You can follow him at:

PSN: DeSRaven

twitter: DeS_Raven

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