We bring back to the podcast, DeSRaven, a welcome addition to chat this week about Destiny.  We start off with some dessert talk and and Destiny talk that we have been working on.  We discuss a little about the new Corridors of Time puzzle that we have no idea what it is leading to yet.

Then for our main topic we interview DeSRaven and discuss what it is like taking a longer break from the game of Destiny and then opinions of coming back to it.  With almost a year long break he talks about what he is enjoying working on, impressions of some of the events we have worked on in the past, and what he is looking forward to.


You can follow him at:

PSN: DeSRaven

twitter: DeS_Raven

We start off this week about some snacks and drinks we are having.  Then we get into Destiny, with some talk about what we are doing.  Discussion also comes up about the amount of Exotics, and lengths of quests come up.  Then we talk about what we are looking forward to in the game of Destiny and some other games.


Thanks for listening and please check out our Discord to continue the conversations!


This week we bring on GATR from the Guardian Down Podcast and SkullReaper to have a discussion about gaming at different ages.  We start off talking about what we have been doing in Destiny and a little about the state of the season pass.  

We then have a roundtable discussion about gaming at different ages.  We talk different topics such as when we started gaming, if we ever took any breaks, what others think about gaming at our various ages, and other stigmas.  We then talk about the positives and negatives of gaming at different points in our life.

Thanks SkullReaper and GATR for coming on!  You can find them at


twitter/PSN:skullreaper2005 Xbox:skullreaper343



twitter: toddthegatr

YouTube/Steam/PS4: G_A_T_R


His podcast:  The Guardian Down Cast


twitter: guardian_d_cast



In our last episode of the year we bring you a somewhat miscellaneous episode where we talk some Destiny, some other games, some movies, some tv shows, and some other stuff :) Thanks for tuning in and have a great 2020!


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This week we feature The Two Titans and a Hunter podcast and welcome them back to the show with our second ever podmash to talk Destiny and the season of Dawn.  

We start talking about our impressions about the new content in Destiny, The Season of Dawn, and believe it or not we all seem to mostly agree on everything :)

Then our guests bring us the info about some builds, the TWAB, and other tips and tricks in the game.  

Thanks again for coming on, joining together with us, and check out Two Titans and a Hunter at: (where they also post all the tasty links!)




Please forgive kingsleymac as he was under the weather and in "duress" during the recording.  :)

We welcome back to the show - Clearnite - from Hoot Dawg gaming clan and podcast to talk Destiny and more.  But we first start off talking about some other games we are playing and looking forward to, including one interesting surprise.  Then we talk about what we are working in Destiny.  This current season is at a close, but we bring you all the news about 'Season of Dawn'. We discuss the upcoming changes, new activities, weapons, armor, and power leveling changes.  We talk about what should be fun, and what we are not sure about yet, but all in all are looking forward to how this season turns out.  We then finish off with some miscellaneous talk about tower names, stadia, and our gaming rigs.

Thanks again, you can find 'clearnite' on all gaming networks; on twitter as https://twitter.com/clearnite_



Who better to talk about Destiny, Thanksgiving, and beer with than FluffyFingersMD from the Potato Thumbs Podcast.  We talk about their podcast and how they keep it going; their secret to success.  Then Fluffy gives us some of the best advice ever on how he stays interested in the game and does not tilt while playing PvP.  We talk about his origin story in Destiny and then what we are currently working on in the game.  We have some misc talk including movies, and then talk about the possible upcoming season changes and story in Destiny.


Please check out FluffyFingers and his podcast at:





We are happy to have community Ambassador ArmTheSharks join us this week in a great discussion of all things Destiny.  We learn about his gaming history, and then discuss some more about the best classes out there.  We talk about some of the upcoming solar changes and buffs in the next season.  We talk about general likes and dislikes of the season as it's getting closer to the end.  Many of us are still working on titles as there is a lot to do.


You can find ArmTheSharks in our discord


This week we welcome to the show AR16FSU!  He has been in our Discord and clan for quite awhile and we have played many Raids and Gambit sessions with him.  We go over his history in gaming and Destiny, and what we are working on currently.  We then discuss the different classes in the game and more specifically the different jump types.  Which class is best?  Please vote in our discord!


You can find AR at:

psn: AR16FSU

twitter: arueck16


You can join our discord here:


This week Cyn and Kingsley talk about all things going on in the game since the last week :). We talk about what we have been working on from momentum control to master nightfalls and everything in-between.  We go over a little bit of the news and what we are looking forward to.


Thanks for tuning in as always!  Please consider joining our discord at:


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