We welcome to the show, the one, the only Hazelnt from The Guardian Down Cast!  An excellent podcast host, gamer, and all around friend to join us this week.

We get to know Hazelnt in our own way and ask him about his most memorable experiences in Destiny.  We talk about how and why he got started in podcasting, and have some other hard hitting questions along the way :)

We talk a little about what we have been doing in the game, but we really then focus on what could make Destiny better and and what we think of what we know so far about the upcoming changes.

We finish with some questions from the community.


Please check out Hazelnt at:

Twitter: @Hazelnt and PS4: Hazelnt



twitter: @guardian_d_cast

instagram: guardian_down_cast


Sorry about the audio qualities this week but we know you didn't want to miss a week of hearing our lovely voices - and Cyn playing the game in the background ;)  But this week we bring to you again what we have been doing in the game and how we are wrapping up the Solstice event.  We talk about we don't know much (at the time) about what is coming up except for Iron Banner.

We talk about the changes with triumphs and seals.  Some are going away and the overall look, feel, and earning system will be changed.   We then talk about crazy speculation on when things from the DCV might come back down the road.


Thanks for tuning in, please continue the conversation over in our discord:


Kingsleymac and Cyn bring you this weeks episode with miscellaneous talk about what we have been doing in Destiny and talk about the future of the game.  We also talk about stasis some, and also give our wagers for the future.  We also answer some of your questions! 

Please check out discord at https://discord.gg/pXbN8jv to continue the conversations!



Kob One Art is our guest this week, a Destiny artist and twitch streamer.  He has been featured as an original destiny community artist with a bungie community focus back in 2016

We talk about some of his notable pieces of Destiny art and how people can get ahold of him if they want some work done.  Also many of his streams are of him drawing so be sure to check that out.

In Destiny we talk about what we are working on in the game right now.  We talk "dad" load outs in PvP, and Raid experiences through D1 and D2.  We then talk about our solstice grinds.  Last we have a longer discussion about the official list of strikes, gambit, crucible, and more that are going away into the DCV and our thoughts on it. 

We thank Kob One Art for coming on, please check him out at:



You can reach him at: koboneart@gmail.com



We are excited this week to introduce you to another Destiny community member who also has a Destiny podcast!  Tee Morris - AKA TheTeeMonster

Tee has been podcasting since 2005 where he was the first to bring a complete novel (his book Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana) to podcast form.  After that he formed Podiobooks.com and then collaborated on Podcasting for Dummies.  He also more currently works on a steampunk spy series with his wife called The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

We next talk about his journey as a gamer and how he got in Destiny.  We talk about the amazing game play and story lines that have often hooked many of us in the same way.  We also talk about what he does in his streams which are mostly Destiny. 

We talk about accessibility settings in Destiny with some great personal experience of a blind friend of Tee who plays the game.  We talk about his podcast 'Happy hour from the Tower' and when it got started and what they like to talk about in it.  With their latest episode talking about Raids in Destiny we go into a great discussion about Raiding and his favorite raids and experiences. 

We talk about our hopes for the future of Destiny and some fun discussions about the variability of Destiny quests and if they are suited for too general of the population or should be more targeted. 



You can find Tee on twitch at:


His websites:





You can also check out this humble bundle where several of his books are being offered:


We interview and get to know, Dragosnuv, an xbox streamer and Destiny player.  We learn about why he started streaming, and how well his community has been going on twitch.  We go over his history in gaming, with games like Super Smash Brothers and Halo 2.  When we talk about Destiny we discuss about how the talk of Gjallarhorn from a friend got him into the game.  Raid experiences become a big discussion topic.

We talk about our experiences in the game and what we are working on.  We also go over the upcoming Solstice of heroes event and how the armor "earning" with the ornaments is a better experience this year.  We then discuss what was a really memorable experience for each of us in the game in our history of playing the game.  We finish with our predictions of how large the next DLC of destiny will be.


You can find Dragosnuv at:







(outtakes at the end)

We welcome to the show an amazing Destiny youtube content creator and twitch streamer - Pattycakes!  He talks with us this week to help us understand so much more about PvP and why he enjoys it and how to become a better player.  We talk about some of his videos on youtube such as how to be a better player with pre-aiming and playing with intention.  Then we also talk about his amazing fun video of playing Destiny with a guitar mapped into the game to act as a controller!  We have fun talking about topics such as CBMM, and playing controller vs mouse and keyboard on PC.  We then talk later in the episode about things we are working on in the game and what we are looking forward changing to if we had our wish list.


We thank pattycakes for coming on and please check out his twitch stream at:



His youtube channel is Pattycakes Gaming:







Nullzy joins us again on the podcast to talk all things Destiny with us this week.  We start off this week with more talk again about raiding and what we have been doing in the game lately.  We then go on to talk about some of the current news items such as fixed Beaver errors, and the new trailer showing more of the stasis subclass.  For our main topic we talk about the new integration in our discord - the100.io raid bot and all the tips you need to make it a great experience.  We end with some talk about what we think may change or not in the future "engine" wise of the game of Destiny and other upcoming ideas.


We have a discord - join up and continue the conversation!


Breaking news: Liv now uses her Titan :) 


We gladly welcome back LockandloadLiv a great guest first featured on episode #14.  She updates us on her how her streaming is going and what she is having fun doing in the game these days.  We talk about her experiences with toxic gaming culture, and how hopefully things have been turning around for the better lately in the Destiny community. 


We talk about Raiding and then we talk about the latest news about Beyond Light being pushed back and what we might be doing in the mean time and what we hope will come in the new expansion.


Be sure to use Liv's discount code and try out https://twitter.com/GamerSupps - use code 'LIV'


You can follow Liv at:



twitter: @lockandloadliv

TheIceWarrior209 joins as our special guest this week to tell us about himself.  He is an awesome Destiny Youtube creator and streamer. We start out by learning about him and what got him started in the community.  We talk about his videos such as one he first started with named: 'Beginners Guide to Destiny in under 30 minutes!' and his most current one is 'Who is Savathun and why we should be very very afraid...'   We talk about lore and ask about some examples to get us more interested about what is going on.

We talk about current stuff in the game most notably the new Ruinous Effigy exotic that is a lot of fun.  Also some great extended movie and tv talk this week.


You can find The Ice Warrior at:

twitch, youtube, facebook: theicewarrior209

twitter: @theicewarrior1

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