In our possibly most rowdy podcast ever, we attempt to bring to you a live recording of an Eater of Worlds raid.  As one of KingsleyMac's favorite Raids in D1 we wanted to give it a proper send off.  Listen to us run the raid, give commentary, and generally have fun through the raid like The Guardian Hub likes to do. 

Thanks to the raid runners, Cyn, Nullzy, Helios, Gatr (from The Guardian Down podcast), and Skull Reaper.

additional notes:

- Thanks to Gatr for the backup recording as craig bot was acting up.

- Unfortunately DesRaven was not able to join as as we decided to run it as we decided to run it on PC.  Can't wait for cross play.

- Cyn got booted for being a pleb.

- Cyn needs to start a Guardian Hub Tik Tok??



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