Kob One Art is our guest this week, a Destiny artist and twitch streamer.  He has been featured as an original destiny community artist with a bungie community focus back in 2016

We talk about some of his notable pieces of Destiny art and how people can get ahold of him if they want some work done.  Also many of his streams are of him drawing so be sure to check that out.

In Destiny we talk about what we are working on in the game right now.  We talk "dad" load outs in PvP, and Raid experiences through D1 and D2.  We then talk about our solstice grinds.  Last we have a longer discussion about the official list of strikes, gambit, crucible, and more that are going away into the DCV and our thoughts on it. 

We thank Kob One Art for coming on, please check him out at:



You can reach him at: koboneart@gmail.com



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