We are excited this week to introduce you to another Destiny community member who also has a Destiny podcast!  Tee Morris - AKA TheTeeMonster

Tee has been podcasting since 2005 where he was the first to bring a complete novel (his book Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana) to podcast form.  After that he formed Podiobooks.com and then collaborated on Podcasting for Dummies.  He also more currently works on a steampunk spy series with his wife called The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

We next talk about his journey as a gamer and how he got in Destiny.  We talk about the amazing game play and story lines that have often hooked many of us in the same way.  We also talk about what he does in his streams which are mostly Destiny. 

We talk about accessibility settings in Destiny with some great personal experience of a blind friend of Tee who plays the game.  We talk about his podcast 'Happy hour from the Tower' and when it got started and what they like to talk about in it.  With their latest episode talking about Raids in Destiny we go into a great discussion about Raiding and his favorite raids and experiences. 

We talk about our hopes for the future of Destiny and some fun discussions about the variability of Destiny quests and if they are suited for too general of the population or should be more targeted. 



You can find Tee on twitch at:


His websites:





You can also check out this humble bundle where several of his books are being offered:


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