We interview and get to know, Dragosnuv, an xbox streamer and Destiny player.  We learn about why he started streaming, and how well his community has been going on twitch.  We go over his history in gaming, with games like Super Smash Brothers and Halo 2.  When we talk about Destiny we discuss about how the talk of Gjallarhorn from a friend got him into the game.  Raid experiences become a big discussion topic.

We talk about our experiences in the game and what we are working on.  We also go over the upcoming Solstice of heroes event and how the armor "earning" with the ornaments is a better experience this year.  We then discuss what was a really memorable experience for each of us in the game in our history of playing the game.  We finish with our predictions of how large the next DLC of destiny will be.


You can find Dragosnuv at:







(outtakes at the end)

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