We welcome to the show an amazing Destiny youtube content creator and twitch streamer - Pattycakes!  He talks with us this week to help us understand so much more about PvP and why he enjoys it and how to become a better player.  We talk about some of his videos on youtube such as how to be a better player with pre-aiming and playing with intention.  Then we also talk about his amazing fun video of playing Destiny with a guitar mapped into the game to act as a controller!  We have fun talking about topics such as CBMM, and playing controller vs mouse and keyboard on PC.  We then talk later in the episode about things we are working on in the game and what we are looking forward changing to if we had our wish list.


We thank pattycakes for coming on and please check out his twitch stream at:



His youtube channel is Pattycakes Gaming:







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