We are very pleased to have one of our original xbox members, and discord and clan ambassador - Freddy Go Boom on the podcast this week.  We talk about his history in gaming and yes Banjo Kazooie is on that list.  We talk about Freddy's destiny history and what he likes to do in the game.  Then we move on to some current Destiny topics.  Our main topic is discussing activities that everyone should experience before this season ends.  As we come to year 4 of Destiny, not only are some weapons sun-setting, but planets and activities also.  We also talk about re-issued weapons so far this season and our opinions on that.  We discuss power leveling and if the current ways of 50+ per season is worth it in it's limited activities.  Last we talk about rumblings of guardians feeling "weaker" in older activities.

Thanks so much Freddy for coming on the show - you can find him at:


Twitch, Twitter - FreddyGoBoom

Xbox - Freddy Go Boom


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