This week we have a great guest back, RealSoccerrogi to talk about the Season of Worthy and Trials of course.  We start off on our initial thoughts on the new PvE content of the season.  Reactions are mixed so far and all in all there seems to be enough to grind but we aren't sure if what we currently see will be most of what we are getting.

As our main discussion though we wanted to focus again on some great PvP talk and the return of Trials of Osiris.  Soccer is an excellent guest to give us his impressions and experiences with it.  We talk about the gameplay, how to deal with the passages, and tokens.  We talk about the meta and how to have fun and do well in it. We suggest everyone hop in trials and not worry about how good you are.  Practice away guardians!


RealSoccerrogi can be found in our Discord and online at:

twitter: @soccerrogi

twitch: realsoccerrogi


psn: RealSoccerrogi 

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