We are really happy to feature this week several artists that put together the "Geomantic" compilation.  A multi-genre cover album of the original D1 music that is freely available for your listening pleasure.  We interview Atlyx (Owen Spence), Paulo Clayton, and Emblyne (Landon)

We start off with a brief history of how they started in music and in the game of destiny.  We discuss what brought them together to start the amazing Geomantic compilation.  

We then discuss why Geomantic was created and what it is.  We get an awesome insider view of the details of each track as we go into the details of each one on how it was cerated, who worked on it, and what it is supposed to represent.  

We hope you all listen to Geomantic and share it with others!

Geomantic can be found multiple places such as:

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5AEO04MqT1OOt_vjOB2XWBGSaCGm7aoK

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/5q7BkrhX5IgCZobjwMRmw7?si=ziJ0ALXdQz6I09vOpyf_KA

Megadownload - https://bit.ly/geo-mega



twitter, reddit: AtlyxMusic


Paulo Clayton:

twitter: pauloclayton

instagram: pauloguitarist



twitter: emblyne 


Other artists that contributed to the album that we want to shout out to are:

Ryan Abundo, Aaron T Phillips, Chris Norton, Ryan Colflesh

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