We welcome this week twitch and mixer streamer RocCityRoller. He has a podcast called 'One of Us' that is a gamer and streamer community spotlight. He plays on PC exclusively and we start our discussion out with some tips on Mouse and Keyboard layout for playing Destiny, along with some of the differences the PC version brings.  He then talks about his current streaming on twitch and how Destiny is his passion and main game in making content.  We talk about playing the game with acquiring titles, the RNG of weapons in the game, and Raiding.  We discuss the Menagerie again, and how bungie should have left it how it was.  We then talk the Crown of Sorrow Raid and how it's team up system gets you to play lock in step with a "buddy" more so that any other one.  We finish off with discussing PC parts and specs.  


You can find all of RocCityRoller's links here along with his podcast 'One of Us':




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