This is a crazy podmash where we welcome "Two Titans and a  Hunter" destiny podcast to the show!  Who is the guest us or them?  At times it may be hard to tell but it does not matter when you are having fun talking about Destiny.  We welcome Nitedemon, Peroty, and No1RespawnsInRL to the show.

We cover the important items you need to know from the This Week at Bungie for the 20th June 2019. The Eververse changes coming on September 17th 2019 and the Lord of Wolves Iron Banner. We also talk heroic mode menagerie and tips and tricks for the game.

We also have a few god roll guide videos talked about with some weapons that have arrived with Season of Opulence.

Cyn plays Iron Banner while we wonder if he is asleep and we end the show with an exchange of if Titans are really too OP in the crucible.  

We had a blast being Three Titans, a Hunter, and a Warlock for the week.






We have a discord!  Join the Guardian Hub discord at:


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