Our guest this week, is 'xNinjaMuffin' - a great community member, a big raider in the game, and all around friend.  We get to know NinjaMuffin and her history in gaming and Destiny.  We also learn about her history of finding the communities she is now in. 

We talk a little bit about the Sony/Discord partnership, and then talk about the news in the TWAB.  We are most excited about some of the details that came out about the Vault of Glass raid.  It's release date, and news about the extra challenges.

We want to again thank NinjaMuffin for joining us on the show.  You can follow her at:





Please also check out destinynewshub.com for great Destiny news and articles.

Please check out our discord to continue the conversation.  Links can be found at our website (under about us) at:



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