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TheIceWarrior209 joins as our special guest this week to tell us about himself.  He is an awesome Destiny Youtube creator and streamer. We start out by learning about him and what got him started in the community.  We talk about his videos such as one he first started with named: 'Beginners Guide to Destiny in under 30 minutes!' and his most current one is 'Who is Savathun and why we should be very very afraid...'   We talk about lore and ask about some examples to get us more interested about what is going on.

We talk about current stuff in the game most notably the new Ruinous Effigy exotic that is a lot of fun.  Also some great extended movie and tv talk this week.


You can find The Ice Warrior at:

twitch, youtube, facebook: theicewarrior209

twitter: @theicewarrior1

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We bring to you this week a rip roaring exciting discussion of all things Destiny.  We talk about our experiences in Iron Banner and more on the Connection based matchmaking discussion.  Our experiences are across the board between Cyn loosing every match and Des and Kingsley having better luck ;)  We also discuss some of the feedback we have gotten from you in the discord.  We also briefly discuss the IB weapons that drop.  We then talk about predictions with people raiding in the future and also what might come with the moments of triumph updates.

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We are very pleased to have one of our original xbox members, and discord and clan ambassador - Freddy Go Boom on the podcast this week.  We talk about his history in gaming and yes Banjo Kazooie is on that list.  We talk about Freddy's destiny history and what he likes to do in the game.  Then we move on to some current Destiny topics.  Our main topic is discussing activities that everyone should experience before this season ends.  As we come to year 4 of Destiny, not only are some weapons sun-setting, but planets and activities also.  We also talk about re-issued weapons so far this season and our opinions on that.  We discuss power leveling and if the current ways of 50+ per season is worth it in it's limited activities.  Last we talk about rumblings of guardians feeling "weaker" in older activities.

Thanks so much Freddy for coming on the show - you can find him at:


Twitch, Twitter - FreddyGoBoom

Xbox - Freddy Go Boom


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This week we talk misc. stuff in the game and more about how we are enjoying the season so far.  Then for our main topic we discuss the various Season of Arrival weapons and potential good rolls for them.  Then we discuss SBMM (skill based matchmaking) and our thoughts on it.  Let us know in our discord your opinions on it!


You can join our discord at:

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We have a special guest this week -  Lazzrich - to learn about him and endeavors in and out of the game of Destiny.  We first learn a little about him and his podcast, and what he does as gamer.  Then we have a long discussion about Destiny and all the craziness that has come out since our last episode.  Since the recording of the episode "AFK farming" in the forges has come to an end but we discuss that, witherhoard craziness, experiences with the new dungeon, and everything else going on right now.  Be sure to listen to the end to hear the real ending ;)

You can find Lazz at:


twitter: @TheLazzrich

Gamer Score Radio: @gamerscoreradio

Reel Geniuses: @reel_geniuses



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In what was a crazy information drop - we discuss the latest Bungie reveal that tells us about the basic future of the game through 2022.  We learned about the DCV (Destiny Content Vault), probably one of our favorite announced features where activities like the Vault of Glass and the Cosmodrome are coming back.  Then we discuss the current season and what we have experienced in it so far.  Then we end with some listener questions.  

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Welcome to another week of The Guardian Hub.  Normal discussion of what we have been doing starts our podcast this week. In our main topic we give our review of The Season of Dawn as we are coming to a close.  We also continue to speculate how this season can end and/or if something big will happen at the beginning of next season.  


Please check out our discord at:

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Cyn streamed Last of Us and got scared but we still love him ;)  This week we talk about what we have been doing in the game with some more talk about Fellwinters lie and the lore around it.  We discuss the craziness around some more of the announced changes coming -  most notably weapon reload changes and weapons that are listed to be in the "world loot pool".  We then answer some questions from the community.  Thanks for tuning in!

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60: When 3 is more fun than 2

Welcome to episode #60 where we have KingsleyMac, CynMedia, and now DesRaven to bring you all the Destiny news and experiences you have always wanted.  

After some small talk, we go into the normal Destiny discussions of what we have been doing in the game.  A lot more raids this week than even the last couple weeks.  Some unique ones that we have been wanting to do for awhile, and some divinity runs.  We also talk about the grinds in the game and what weapons we have gotten recently.  Of course the discussion of weapons and armor sunsetting becomes the main topic this week as we discuss what we like about it and some concerns also.  There is a lot we are looking forward to in the game and we are exited to move on experiencing and discussing it each week.  

We have a discord, please consider joining it to continue the discussion!

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Zanifan711 from The Barely ADS podcast is our guest this week to join us in various discussions along with Destiny talk.  We get to know about Zanifan, the podcast he is on, and his gaming history.  We talk about some games we are playing besides Destiny and what we are looking forward to.  Then we talk a fair amount about the Twab with some exciting upcoming changes.  For our main topic we talk about how Destiny can be changed to make it appealing to people not currently playing it.  Zanifan provides excellent info and insights on what should be changed and/or brought back into Destiny and explains why also.  


You can find Zanifan711 everywhere by that tag and the podcast at:

twitter: @barelyads

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