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87: Beyond light review and more with Guest: Clearnite

We welcome back to the show - Clearnite - from Hoot Dawg gaming clan and to talk Destiny and give a review of Beyond Light.  We first start off talking about what has been new in his life since last year.  We talk about some other games he has played besides Destiny and recommends. We then we talk about Beyond Light and get a Clearnite's impressions on it so far.   We then talk about our first experiences with the Raid as Des, Cyn, and Kingsley attempted it day 1.  We go into some lore with Des and are in awe with the story so far with Beyond Light.  We finish with some more thoughts on the state of the game with some minor suggestions and what we think might change.


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We give the people what they asked, whether they wanted it or not.  The "trifecta, triforce, tripod" - whatever you want to call it.  But seriously - some of our bestest podcast friends in the world join us to have a crazy long show talking about Beyond light.  Part 1 we talk about our impressions.  Part 2 we talk about know issues and bugs(?) we might have noticed.  Part 3 we have questions and comments from the community.

The Guardian Hub:


Cyn Media


Two Titans & A Hunter:




Guardian Down Cast:



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85: Beyond Light eve and the Traveler live event

We have a short but fun episode for you to listen to before you start playing Beyond Light.  We talk about the live event that just happened in the Tower (and last city).  We then talk about some of the last things we did in the game this week.  Last we talk about what are looking forward to and how we might play the new content.

Have fun in Beyond Light!

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The amount of bungie drops and news that has come out since our last podcast is amazing.  We talk the ViDoc, the new trailer, and the twab.  We give our hot takes and answer some questions in the discord.

Sorry about our audio issues this week, we will kick craig into submission or figure out another recording option next week.

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