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79: Ax is back for Gambit futures and Sunkist dreams

Axonis is back this week for his second appearance in the show to give us commentary and speculation on the upcoming Gambit changes for Beyond Light.

We start off talk about what we have been working on in Destiny and some other games we have been playing. We talk about the exciting news that bungie announced with it's changes in the physics host and what this might mean in the game other than what bungie has specifically told us.

As we talk about Gambit changes we learn in more details on what is changing and how we think it will all play out.  Then we have some miscellaneous talk as we close out.

Want to thank Axonis for coming on again and you can follow him at:

axonis89 on PSN and Discord

(and special guest at the very end)



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78: Mars scannables and contested scores

Cyn and Kingsleymac join you this week to bring you some Destiny news, and some gripes.  We go over what we have been up to, and then live Cyn starts the Mars collectable quest that honors Matt Helsom in the lore.  We also talk about the new trailer that dropped for Beyond Light and also go over the details in the map of Europa they provided for us.  We then talk about attempts to order the new xbox and end with some other announcements.


Also join our discord to continue the conversation:

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We welcome to the show, the one, the only Hazelnt from The Guardian Down Cast!  An excellent podcast host, gamer, and all around friend to join us this week.

We get to know Hazelnt in our own way and ask him about his most memorable experiences in Destiny.  We talk about how and why he got started in podcasting, and have some other hard hitting questions along the way :)

We talk a little about what we have been doing in the game, but we really then focus on what could make Destiny better and and what we think of what we know so far about the upcoming changes.

We finish with some questions from the community.


Please check out Hazelnt at:

Twitter: @Hazelnt and PS4: Hazelnt

twitter: @guardian_d_cast

instagram: guardian_down_cast


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76: All we really have is Iron Banner?

Sorry about the audio qualities this week but we know you didn't want to miss a week of hearing our lovely voices - and Cyn playing the game in the background ;)  But this week we bring to you again what we have been doing in the game and how we are wrapping up the Solstice event.  We talk about we don't know much (at the time) about what is coming up except for Iron Banner.

We talk about the changes with triumphs and seals.  Some are going away and the overall look, feel, and earning system will be changed.   We then talk about crazy speculation on when things from the DCV might come back down the road.


Thanks for tuning in, please continue the conversation over in our discord:

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75: Legit Raids and Stasis Tridents

Kingsleymac and Cyn bring you this weeks episode with miscellaneous talk about what we have been doing in Destiny and talk about the future of the game.  We also talk about stasis some, and also give our wagers for the future.  We also answer some of your questions! 

Please check out discord at to continue the conversations!



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