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This week we talk misc. stuff in the game and more about how we are enjoying the season so far.  Then for our main topic we discuss the various Season of Arrival weapons and potential good rolls for them.  Then we discuss SBMM (skill based matchmaking) and our thoughts on it.  Let us know in our discord your opinions on it!


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We have a special guest this week -  Lazzrich - to learn about him and endeavors in and out of the game of Destiny.  We first learn a little about him and his podcast, and what he does as gamer.  Then we have a long discussion about Destiny and all the craziness that has come out since our last episode.  Since the recording of the episode "AFK farming" in the forges has come to an end but we discuss that, witherhoard craziness, experiences with the new dungeon, and everything else going on right now.  Be sure to listen to the end to hear the real ending ;)

You can find Lazz at:


twitter: @TheLazzrich

Gamer Score Radio: @gamerscoreradio

Reel Geniuses: @reel_geniuses



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In what was a crazy information drop - we discuss the latest Bungie reveal that tells us about the basic future of the game through 2022.  We learned about the DCV (Destiny Content Vault), probably one of our favorite announced features where activities like the Vault of Glass and the Cosmodrome are coming back.  Then we discuss the current season and what we have experienced in it so far.  Then we end with some listener questions.  

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Welcome to another week of The Guardian Hub.  Normal discussion of what we have been doing starts our podcast this week. In our main topic we give our review of The Season of Dawn as we are coming to a close.  We also continue to speculate how this season can end and/or if something big will happen at the beginning of next season.  


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