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57: Cookies and Guardian Games

This week we are here to discuss our lives in game and out.  After some talk about shopping at stores we talk about what we are doing in game.  Guardian games are here in full force.  Definitely grindy - it may appeal to some and others not so much.  So we also talk what we are looking forward to of future possibilities in Destiny.  Thanks for hanging out for another week!  

Please check out our discord to continue the discussions!



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We join forces to bring you a podcast twice as good?  It's definitely twice as long -  but we had a blast doing a simulcast recording with 'The Guardian Down' cast this week.  G_A_T_R and Hazel join us to talk Destiny, tv shows, movies, music, and more.

Our main topic is what you can work in in the game if you are starting to feel bored.  Then we also answer some great community questions about Destiny and other various topics.

A great episode this week sit back relax and enjoy the best hub/cast on the net

Oh and please let us know who the real winner is for the speed run :)


Please continue to check out 'The Guardian Down' cast at:

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Live from the last (that we know of) bunker in IO we bring to you another episode of The Guardian Hub podcast!  This week we hear from a community member, and newest Guardian Hub Ambassodor Nullzy.  We talk various topics such as health in the real world and the health of the upcoming "grandmaster nightfalls". They may not amount to much but we speculate where it could lead to in community involvement and in the seasons to come. 


You can find our guest Nullzy in our discord and online at

twitter: @Nullzy

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This week we do out first ever live zoom based podcast - and many members of The Guardian Hub showed up to participate in the fun and discussion!  We talk about what we are doing in the game, how we feel about the state of it, and finish with some food discussion.  So basically the same as always!

Thanks everyone who was able to make it!


If you want to watch the video version of our podcast please check it out at:

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Live from the moon bunker we bring to you another episode discussing the topics you want to hear!  We welcome to the show MitchySlaps to talk Destiny and his experiences.  We have a substantial discussion starting with our experiences in various communities.  We discuss what Mitchy likes to do in Destiny and what we are all currently working on in the game.  Then we start a discussion about gaming in Destiny on different platforms -  Xbox, PS4, and PC.  We play on these different platforms so we have a lot of thoughts on what it's like going back and forth with cross play and what the plusses and minuses are.  We also discuss streaming, some tips on setups, and what we like and don't like about it.


You can find MitchySlaps on - xbox, ps, steam, discord

Twitter: @MoneyOverMitchs

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