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In this weeks episode we go over some fun experiences we have had lately working on Raids, and finishing seasonal content.  Then we discuss some good builds of various sundial weapons that should hopefully be great next season also after the changes.  Predictions about the empyrean foundation also come up as we come to a close of that activity and the season.

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starrtien aka Kingsleymac's_hotwife (in the discord)  joins us again to talk about what we have been doing in Destiny lately.  A little Raiding, some seasonal activity grind, and jokes all around.  We ask about her opinion on the season pass and content that is going away after each season and get a unique perspective that helps us understand all walks of players.

Thanks for coming on the show again starrtien!


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Ever wanted to use an LFG (Looking For Group) to do an activity in the game?  Learn the ins and outs and get the courage to try it with our guest this week GoHawks.  We go through examples of funny LFG's, horrible ones, and good experiences.  Learn what to look for and how to post your own LFG if you need.  Of course we also talk about what we have been doing in the game.

LFG responsibly guardians!  Or just join our Discord ;) 


You can reach GoHawks at:

PSN: gohawks4

Twitter: destinydad2 

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Cyn and Kingsley bring the show this week to talk the state of Strikes in Destiny 2.  We also bring some Super Bowl talk to start off.  Then we discuss what we have been doing in the game and news of the upcoming Empyrean Foundation and what we guess might happen.  We then talk about strikes in Destiny 2, listing our favorites, how strikes can get better, and discuss some feedback from others in our community.  

Thanks for listening and please consider joining our discord to continue the discussion!

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