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We welcome back to the show - Clearnite - from Hoot Dawg gaming clan and podcast to talk Destiny and more.  But we first start off talking about some other games we are playing and looking forward to, including one interesting surprise.  Then we talk about what we are working in Destiny.  This current season is at a close, but we bring you all the news about 'Season of Dawn'. We discuss the upcoming changes, new activities, weapons, armor, and power leveling changes.  We talk about what should be fun, and what we are not sure about yet, but all in all are looking forward to how this season turns out.  We then finish off with some miscellaneous talk about tower names, stadia, and our gaming rigs.

Thanks again, you can find 'clearnite' on all gaming networks; on twitter as



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Who better to talk about Destiny, Thanksgiving, and beer with than FluffyFingersMD from the Potato Thumbs Podcast.  We talk about their podcast and how they keep it going; their secret to success.  Then Fluffy gives us some of the best advice ever on how he stays interested in the game and does not tilt while playing PvP.  We talk about his origin story in Destiny and then what we are currently working on in the game.  We have some misc talk including movies, and then talk about the possible upcoming season changes and story in Destiny.


Please check out FluffyFingers and his podcast at:




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