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We are happy to have community Ambassador ArmTheSharks join us this week in a great discussion of all things Destiny.  We learn about his gaming history, and then discuss some more about the best classes out there.  We talk about some of the upcoming solar changes and buffs in the next season.  We talk about general likes and dislikes of the season as it's getting closer to the end.  Many of us are still working on titles as there is a lot to do.


You can find ArmTheSharks in our discord

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This week we welcome to the show AR16FSU!  He has been in our Discord and clan for quite awhile and we have played many Raids and Gambit sessions with him.  We go over his history in gaming and Destiny, and what we are working on currently.  We then discuss the different classes in the game and more specifically the different jump types.  Which class is best?  Please vote in our discord!


You can find AR at:

psn: AR16FSU

twitter: arueck16


You can join our discord here:

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This week Cyn and Kingsley talk about all things going on in the game since the last week :). We talk about what we have been working on from momentum control to master nightfalls and everything in-between.  We go over a little bit of the news and what we are looking forward to.


Thanks for tuning in as always!  Please consider joining our discord at:

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We are pleased to have on Dizzy from the Drunk Destiny podcast!  Dizzy and Dumpy are hosts for the show that focuses on Destiny talk and lore.  We learn about his podcast and how they started it and why they love Destiny.  We talk about how the state of lore seems in the game right now and our suggestions and hopes for bungie to keep it interesting.  We go into talk about the new Dungeon, "The Pit of Heresy" and how much fun it is.  We talk about our week in gaming and our thoughts about the haunted forest and the new Momentum Control.  

We then talk about some other games we are looking forward to, and podcasts that we are listening to. We talk drinks and then we finish with some talk on other hobbies.



Drunk Destiny Podcast:

twitter: DrunkDestinyPod

twitch: DrunkDestiny_


Please follow Dizzy at:

twitter: dizzy_dlo

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