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It's always a blast to have another Destiny podcaster on the show and this week we welcome Gatr from The Guardian Down Cast!  We have a fun conversation about his show and how it started and what it's about.  We then move into some great crucible discussion and tips.  We also talk about the awesome destiny discord's and communities out there and how they have affected us.  We then move onto a discussion of what we are doing in the game and the current state of the game.


You can find The Gatr at:

twitter: toddthegatr


The Guardian Down Cast:

twitter: guardian_d_cast

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After a Salt Lake Utah meetup this week we had an in person recording with special guest 'the_co_founder'.  We learn about his history gaming and in Destiny.  We talk some of his history in raiding and then what we are working on the game right now.  We are excited about the latest seasonal title and are hoping to accomplish that one as quickly as we can.  We talk about the little bit of Iron Banner we have hopped in so far and are looking forward to running it some more.  We have a discussion about how different people play the game and FOMO.  Then finish off with some more miscellaneous Destiny talk.  Thanks for coming on the show and the meetup the_co_founder!


You can find the_co_founder at:


twitter,psn: the_co_founder

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RealSoccerrogi joins us this week to discuss the state of the crucible in Destiny since Shadowkeep has dropped.  
We start with his history in gaming and his connection, and ours, that we have with the Destiny Reset Podcast and discord.  We talk a little about what we are working on the game.  We then go into our discussion about the new stuff in crucible.  Starting with tips on the different selections on the director, to working on the new ritual weapons, and what the current meta seems to be.  We then talk about the new heavy ammo changes and conclude with info on the new maps.  


RealSoccerrogi can be found in our Discord and online at:

twitter: @soccerrogi


psn: RealSoccerrogi 


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We have a short episode this week with just Cyn and KingsleyMac to talk about our thoughts with Shadowkeep. The campaign, the side quests, and everything we have been working on so far.  Thanks as always for listening!  


- We have a discord!  Join the Guardian Hub discord at:

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