We welcome back to the show - Clearnite - from Hoot Dawg gaming clan and to talk Destiny and give a review of Beyond Light.  We first start off talking about what has been new in his life since last year.  We talk about some other games he has played besides Destiny and recommends. We then we talk about Beyond Light and get a Clearnite's impressions on it so far.   We then talk about our first experiences with the Raid as Des, Cyn, and Kingsley attempted it day 1.  We go into some lore with Des and are in awe with the story so far with Beyond Light.  We finish with some more thoughts on the state of the game with some minor suggestions and what we think might change.


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We give the people what they asked, whether they wanted it or not.  The "trifecta, triforce, tripod" - whatever you want to call it.  But seriously - some of our bestest podcast friends in the world join us to have a crazy long show talking about Beyond light.  Part 1 we talk about our impressions.  Part 2 we talk about know issues and bugs(?) we might have noticed.  Part 3 we have questions and comments from the community.

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We have a short but fun episode for you to listen to before you start playing Beyond Light.  We talk about the live event that just happened in the Tower (and last city).  We then talk about some of the last things we did in the game this week.  Last we talk about what are looking forward to and how we might play the new content.

Have fun in Beyond Light!

The amount of bungie drops and news that has come out since our last podcast is amazing.  We talk the ViDoc, the new trailer, and the twab.  We give our hot takes and answer some questions in the discord.

Sorry about our audio issues this week, we will kick craig into submission or figure out another recording option next week.

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In our possibly most rowdy podcast ever, we attempt to bring to you a live recording of an Eater of Worlds raid.  As one of KingsleyMac's favorite Raids in D1 we wanted to give it a proper send off.  Listen to us run the raid, give commentary, and generally have fun through the raid like The Guardian Hub likes to do. 

Thanks to the raid runners, Cyn, Nullzy, Helios, Gatr (from The Guardian Down podcast), and Skull Reaper.

additional notes:

- Thanks to Gatr for the backup recording as craig bot was acting up.

- Unfortunately DesRaven was not able to join as as we decided to run it as we decided to run it on PC.  Can't wait for cross play.

- Cyn got booted for being a pleb.

- Cyn needs to start a Guardian Hub Tik Tok??



We had a fun week this week changing some names in the discord, let us know what we should change Cyn to next.  We talk about what we have been doing in the game and then about the upcoming new raid date that has been announced.  DesRaven gives us his take on the last Interference mission.  We talk about our experiences in a prestige spire run.  We then talk about the upcoming 4k 60fps changes for console and the much hated PS4 system 8 update.

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We have some other games talk and talk about what we are doing in Destiny.  The festival of the lost is alright but we are still not 100% happy with cipher decoder drops.  We talk about some upcoming new light changes, and whats happening with mods.

Let us know if you think Shaw Han-Solo Uldren is a thing ;)

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In a way all we need to write about this episode is the title above!

But, we have a warm welcome this week for BurningWing0 and his many names.

We have a lengthy intro this week on some other games we have been playing.  We talk a little bit about what we have been doing in Destiny.  But then we get to know BurningWing some more as he has been around for a long time on our communities but is great to hear how he got started in gaming and then Destiny. 

After our interviews we talk about the upcoming Festival of the Lost event in Destiny, and how we are looking forward to it.  We then finish with some talk on how Destiny can be better by changing the bounty system and other ideas.


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Axonis is back this week for his second appearance in the show to give us commentary and speculation on the upcoming Gambit changes for Beyond Light.

We start off talk about what we have been working on in Destiny and some other games we have been playing. We talk about the exciting news that bungie announced with it's changes in the physics host and what this might mean in the game other than what bungie has specifically told us.

As we talk about Gambit changes we learn in more details on what is changing and how we think it will all play out.  Then we have some miscellaneous talk as we close out.

Want to thank Axonis for coming on again and you can follow him at:


axonis89 on PSN and Discord

(and special guest at the very end)



Cyn and Kingsleymac join you this week to bring you some Destiny news, and some gripes.  We go over what we have been up to, and then live Cyn starts the Mars collectable quest that honors Matt Helsom in the lore.  We also talk about the new trailer that dropped for Beyond Light and also go over the details in the map of Europa they provided for us.  We then talk about attempts to order the new xbox and end with some other announcements.


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